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Fuck Dust

The shitty drawing above was actually created yesterday, during my fourth hour block-class when I was feeling feverish. I've been sick, man. Sick enough to miss out on school today. This morning I could hardly speak, my throat was so swollen and my sinuses so backed up. Gross. I wasn't planning on missing any class for a good while, but remembering how I was feeling yesterday -- suffering from illness while attempting to go through the academic motions -- I'm glad I did stay home. No misery here as long as I'm home alone.

Without my siblings heckling at me whenever I leave my room or my father's verbal abuse putting me down, I can enjoy living here. Well, as soon as I clean up the shithole first. Never do I miss an opportunity to do that. Believe me. If I can have only a few hours in this place when it's not a filthy pigsty hit by a tornado, I will work my ass off. Even if my dust allergies kick in like they did today and make it more painful to clean than usual, I'll give it my best shot. A clean, quiet place will keep me happy.

I'm gonna go watch Pulp Fiction again. Along with all my friends, I adore Quentin Tarantino. Hands up for generation X, mang! Woo woo.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad Geners

Why is this creepy little man so difficult to draw? Anybody who's tried to draw Papa Gene Ween will relate with me here. I've tried numerous times to get his likeness down in a drawing, and every time it's been a no-mercy, tooth-and-nail battle among my eyes, a still of Gene, and my right hand. Gonads and strife, ladies and gentlemen.

Here I am watching that '97 Ween DVD I snatched up, digging it a whole lot -- and every once and awhile, I'll pause the picture and do a quick sketch. This is a normal thing for me to do. Usually the sketches ain't so bad, but since this time Gener was involved I got myself all frustrated. Sorry Papa, you're a tough one to transfer to the canvas. Maybe you should quit having such solid proportions while looking extremely different depending on your expression/angle. Gosh! It's embarassing me, mang. Look at this crap:

Oh, I just suck right? Here, I'll prove to you that Gene Ween has a tricky face (a beautiful face, but a tricky one). Observe this tacky graphic I pasted together just now:

That's all the same fella! And the photos selected are within a decade. Right about now you can eat my balls.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ees Eet Green, Ees Eet Red...


Yes, my friends. I can't put my finger on it. My translation is probably off in some manner, but I was jus' havin' fun anyway. The Spanish equivalent of that phrase is probably something entirely different. I was just in the mood to draw something grotey that wasn't a humanoid of some sort for once. "Hey, why not a dripping kebab/enchilada/gyro lookin' thing in a MAD magazine gross-out style with obnoxious yellow letters?" I said to myself. I think it worked out.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Buh Buh Shake It

Last night Alanna showed me some photos of a cool chicky with some fashion frenzy. She looked like she was born to wear exotic makeup and dress up in neat little home-made wares. I got a sprinkle of inspiration and came up with this fun-lovin' floozy:

In other news, school is a big pain in my ass. For the first time in my life I'm scoring a D in English, and it's all due to my teacher coming up with a mushy interview assignment (I always skip those) and then revolving the rest of our assignments for the semester around it. Cheap! I should have done what Nick did and have just fabricated the entire biography element. At least then I could've got creative about it.

Eh eh eh, art is more important. Without polishing my skills, I may never live my dream of being a starving arteest! I'll be damned if I don't get those patched elbows.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Rollin' and Weenin'

If you know me, you know I love Ween. I'm a Weener, a Weenie, a thirsty follower of the demon-god Boognish and his two dashing prophets. They are whom I seek guidance of when I am carbonating the test tube, drilling the corpse lobe. Oh! When I awake morning, I am greeted by a colourful shrine depicting Boognish in all his brownness. I surround myself with His glory. This is the life I lead, day and night.

So lately I have renewed my interest in downloading (and sharing) Ween shows thru Brown Tracker, my favourite bit torrent site. There, generous folk upload gig-after-gig of delicious musical ceremony praising He. The seat of my pants sizzles just thinking about it. Just today my download of the 1997 Long Branch, NJ show finished. I have not watched it yet, but I'm rather excited to do so. For the obvious reason and also because it's filmed with 8mm at a very close range. The lighting is dim, but the spirit burns brightly.

By the way, the drawing above is my lacking portrayal of both Ween brothers. I know Gener looks like a creepy old lady and Dean appears nothing short of rotarded; however, I will assure you that I was feelin' the love while I was drawing that. Yeah man, I was running on Pure Guava (plus all five parts of "The Stallion", take that muthafuckas!).


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Since last night, I've made satisfying progress all-around. I haven't had that feeling for awhile. Thanksgiving Break is over, and I haven't done a lick of school work -- I haven't even been reading Lust For Life (I'm supposed to finish that book by the first week of December, oops). The last time I left the house was Tuesday's wild "Wii Party". All my plans to hang with the guys fell through. But I feel as though I've been productive nonetheless.

Sanchito came about, you see. We started a big collaborative project months ago for Gorillaz Unofficial. He drew up a badass group shot of Murdoc, Noodle, 2D, and Russel. I mean, almost flawless (and I can't often say that about Gorillaz fanart). It got delayed recently because I need him around for direction and his internet went and crapped out on 'im for a bit. Now that he's back and we've started up again, I have more vigor for the collaboration than ever before.

I'm honoured to be a part of the job; I want it to knock peoples' socks off when it's done. Here's a li'l peek of what I worked on today:

One component of several. I can't estimate how long it may take to complete, but you can set your watch and warrant that it'll be before the New Year. Unless somebody dies. Otherwise, Gorillaz Unofficial will be getting a nice present this Christmas.

Thanks for makin' me feel important, Sancho!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Beta: Holy Balls!

It's a nice coincidence that the day I start feeling the urge to blog words again is the opening of Blogger Beta. The new system's good to me, it's encouraged me to try and keep this thing regular. Is it possible? Maybe.

See, I was reading posts in my ol' Livejournal, which I haven't touched for nearly a year now, and I got an itch. I saw those chunky blocks of text, the pretentiously descriptive records of my daily events. Hopes. Dreams. Angst. Hey, why can't I do that anymore? Well, I'm more stable these days -- I don't freak out if I get disorganized for a bit. But what if I shot for moderation? I could just take some time to talk about what's going on whenever I felt right to do so. That's what normal bloggers do anyway, right? I'll post my sketches and touch on life...occasionally.

I like having freedom. Being a slave to your website is for crazy numbnuts like my past self. Now I should be satisfy myself with a loose routine. Here's for my fight against unecessary stress. Hotcha!

PS: My thang suddenly started working today, too. Checkit:

Friday, November 24, 2006

My Ass is on Fire

Rather distressing, ain't it? I can't say I was in a bad mood when I drew that, I was feelin' pretty swell actually. It's funny how some sinister music can turn the mood of a piece of art around entirely if you get into it. I doubt it would've come out so angry and scary if I had been listening to, let's say, Norah Jones instead of Mr. Bungle.

The likenesses of Clay, Nick, and Jim at the top were rather incidental. Although I did experience some insecurity in their presence recently (I may talk about that later), I feel no hostility toward them. Not one bit. They've only brought good things into my life; so I have no clue why they're so threatening in this particular piece. It must have just happened in the spirit of Mike Patton's insane shouting in "My Ass is on Fire". No personal connotations here, sir.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

More Oldies/'04 Revival

Opened up another old sketchbook, this time one a bit more recent. 2004. That was an awkward year for me and everyone I know. My art was more manic then, except when I went through that phase where I did everything in pencil with uber thick lines. The rest of the time, I sketched rapidly with no precision -- pages of the book I was looking in were garbled, overflowing with underdeveloped characters and illegible writing. I redrew what I could make out from the mess and ended up with this:

It's a relief that I've cleaned up my act so much since 2004. One can now tell what's going on in my art to some degree. There's also not so many goddamned robots everywhere, why was I so infatuated with those things? I would undertstand if they were cool robots, but they surely were not. They had super deriative designs: big rectangle heads, simple claw hands, huge circular eyes, and hinged jaws. Ah, I guess they weren't so bad...still, if you saw how many of them there are in my old sketchbooks, you'd get sick of 'em fast.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Assortment of Oldies

I've discovered that a good artsy exercise for me is to redraw things from my old sketchbooks. Whenever I'm feeling dry in the inspiration department, I'll crack open an ancient annal chock full of crude characters like Jason the Vampire, Lillian Jeffrey, Benjamin, Jeremy, Skii Iei (a Rayman fancharacter), Funsize, Casper Koltan, and many others. I get a real kick out of redesigning the old drawings, it can be quite a learning experience seeing how I constructed things back then compared to now. Such obvious improvement is a relief.

Here's a page of redrawn oldies from a 2003 sketchbook (what a nasty year indeed!):

...And some more from a 2002 sketchbook (you would cough up turds if you saw the originals):

An old dream of mine was to have an art site called "Dead Bunny Studios". No Joke. How did I take myself seriously back then?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Love and Hate

The sketch above was one day late for The Day of Rememberance. It's not so appropriate as a tribute to thousands of hate crime victims, but I was just feeling so full of love I didn't want to focus on the negative. Transphobic violence makes me sick to my ill-prone belly. Rather, I like to think about successful transpeople, especially those who've found love and acceptance.

The situation in my drawing -- two transpeople in a heterosexual relationship -- is very unusual, but I felt it got my point across easily. These two don't represent all trannies, of course. I just wanted to portray a transwoman and a transman both in early stages of their transitions. I admire those who struggle in spite of society's norms to change their lives for the better and make way for others like them. Therefore, I looove trannies.

Now for some hate to balance out all that mooshy lovin':


Monday, November 20, 2006


Woah-ho! I bought the Ren & Stimpy Lost Episodes DVD recently, and I gotta say: Those nutty SPUMCO bastards are my heroes. John Kricfalusi can be a real dick, but I can't help but follow his word and love everything he creates. The whole crew were a hoot in the commentary. My hat's off for those fellas and ladehs, making all-out cartoons and loving it. I only wish that one day I too can assemble a creative force o' weirdos.

In the spirit of Naked Beach Frenzy, here's a wide-eyed chicky naked and covered in suds. I drew it in Spanish class, so I had some kids peering over my shoulders, laughing like Beavis & Butthead ("Huh-huh, huh-huh, huh-huh, boobies"). Nobody was disgusted by this drawing except for those who mistook the soap for bukkake emissions. There's something new.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Caroline Says

Last night I was up late listening to Lou Reed's Berlin and staring at a blank sheet of paper. Eventually I came up with a couple of sketches (see below), but the juice just wasn't flowin' that night. I became more interested in the music than what I was drawing. That just happens. What I wish I could do all the time is become absorbed in the art and the music at the same time, letting the sounds push my hand along in a rythmic pace. That's when I do my best stuff (except for when I'm really bored at school, I swear that makes masterpieces).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Good Night

This entry is backdated for the sake of organization. I couldn't have possibly posted this art on the day of the event, for I was out all damned night. In front of Walmart. Clay was in line for the Nintendo Wii, and I was there to keep him company.

Clay simply had nothing better to do than sit in the cold for 14 hours so he could be the first guy in Englewood with a Wii. I was all for it because I knew it'd give me the perfect chance to spend time with him without feeling like a bother. He'd be there either way, so I'm sure he preferred some company. It would have been a blast if Jim and Nick could have stuck around too (they visited for an hour or so), but I enjoyed every hour in the cold with just Clay.

I did a couple life drawings that night, as well as some situational cartoons. Drawing with cold fingers was a rather nostalgic experience.

Clay wasn't really an ingrateful bastard as he is in the cartoon below, I was just makin' a funny. Truly, he was very good to me.

I'm so lucky to have been able to stay there with him for the whole night -- it allowed me to reach a kind of contentus that I rarely achieve. It was a night well spent.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Dillon Observations

Today I hung out with Dillon after school. I hadn't seen him for awhile, I rarely do now that he's out of school and working most days. He'd previously agreed to let me draw him next time we chilled, so I had my hefty life drawing sketchbook with me (the one with David Byrne and black tape on the cover).

He ranted about religious people and expressed his lack of vigor for life while we ate nasty shit at Taco Bell, then we set out for the closest graveyard. A well lit, quiet place. Little did we know, it'd be infested with bitey ants. Those insectoid bastards sure disrupted the flow of the session -- we had to move at least four times before we could get somewhat comfortable. It's hard to draw somebody while they're getting eaten alive.

We ended up packing up and giving Zac a visit, seeing how the drawings weren't working out under those conditions. I got fidgety and Dillon ended up looking blacker than black y'all in all my drawings. Here's the best of the afternoon:

Not so good, right? We'll do it again some time and I will take better advantage of having a free and willing model. For now, it's back to car-azy cartoons.

Lifedrawing? I never!

Like I said, I brought my life drawing sketchbook to school today. It's amazing to me how my fellow students reacted to this. I had it out during fourth hour, for I had some free time and enough unattentive subjects around the room to work from fluidly. 'Twas hunky dory until some girls behind me took notice and began -- not asking -- but demanding me to draw them. Wow.

I ended up just putting the book away, I was no longer in the mood for sketching. Not only because the girls were yelling at me to draw them, but also since the teacher had called for our attention once more. The girls did not cease demanding. Then that dumb Marco kid, sitting next to me, joined in their harpy chorus. To them, an artist was fair to boss around. Clearly subhuman.

Marco got his wish, not because I'm a nice guy but because he was most annoying of the inconsiderate group. I knew he'd bug me about it for days if I didn't give in. Surprisingly, the sketch of his stupid face came out rather good. Too bad I was forced to give it to him. That sure made me feel cheap.

At the end of class, the girls who originally tried to put me in submission walked past me.

"Finish that drawing of us, okay!"

"Er, don't you understand what a lifedrawing is? I have to be looking at you."

"Just do it anyway!!"

Oh gag me with a spoon.

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Wakka Wakka Hey!

There's me! I got another haircut, this time I did it myself. Let's take a look-see...

So far nobody else likes it. In fact, most people who've seen it hate it. However, that doesn't bring me down. Nope, I like having no hair around my ears for once. I'm going to enjoy this while I can, for I'll be growing out muh weave in time. Yep, I'll have a normal hair style eventually. Woo!

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Bird and Early Worm

This could be a commentary on Catholicism, but I had no such intentions. I am reminded of that time I drew an anime chick with big tits cutting her wrists, spraying blood all over religious idols. That was a goodun.

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